First Communion Programme

To enrol your child in the 2020 First Communion Programme please contact the .

Please see details about our First Sacraments programme.

Holy Communion class of 2020

Just to let you know that we have resumed the preparation lessons for the children by zoom last weekend.  There remain two sessions.  Then we will be ready to go ahead with the ceremony when the Bishop gives the go ahead and we have access to our church again.  Please keep these children and families in your prayers.

First Sacraments 2021

It is time to register your child (in year 3) for their preparation for the first sacraments in 2021.  Currently we have 6 children registered, 3 from St Gregorys and 3 from other schools.  Please contact myself on 01625 614275 or 07729 706795.  You will need your certificate of baptism or the date and place of baptism. 

Thanks Barbara Crack (1st sacraments Catechist).