Planned giving

Due to the 'Our Mission Together; initiative and rising costs in general we are asking all parishioners to review their donations to the Parish and if you are a tax payer to please sign a gift aid form so the church can claim back 25% of your donation.

Here is the gift aid form:


The Parish Council want to emphasise that how much you donate is up to you and your personal circumstances and no-one will be pressurised into offerings they cannot afford.

There are 3 ways you make a donation to St Gregorys' church:

By standing order

Standing order is an easy way to ensure the church receives a regular offering, even when you are on holiday.  Also it reduces the workload on those who count the collections as the money goes straight into the church bank account.

Here is the standing order form to down load and fill in:


By putting money in the weekly envelopes

If you would prefer to use a weekly envelope, please ask Fr Tony or the Parish secretary and you will receive a years supply of envelopes.

By putting money on the plate each week

One-third of all our offerings come from 'loose plate' money.  If you are a tax payer you can still donate to the church via the plate and fill out a gift aid form so the Parish can claim back 25% of the money given.

Thank you for your generosity.